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Well isn’t this a surprise…………

Found my blog again. Woot Woot.

I work overnight graveyard shift and have been all over the interwebs lately. Just not here. So I thought I say howdy again and remind everyone that:

-I was surgerized May 20 at OKC VA and they took out all but 20 cm of large intestine. Had to be an ‘open’ procedure so I had a massive abdominal wound with 23 staples.

-It hurt like a bitch for quite a while, but I really don’t like to use enough pain meds to stop all the pain.

-I believe they may have almost lost me once or twice between lights out and recovery. Just a feeling. Nothing specific.

-Speaking of pain medication. IV Fentenyl works great. The soreness went away and I could sleep. Standing and walking were awkward, difficult, and painful. Respiratory therapy may have saved me a few more times when I’d vapor lock on the way to the cat box.

-I also added a new long gun to my collection ! And have a new pistol in layaway.

Well that’s enough for now. Peace out !


I found my blog again

Boy, is this satisfying or what? I had my abdominals cats scanned today at the VA in OKC. They’re checking for other bugaboos in the vicinity of my naught ascending colon. Apparently I am a polyp farmer and one or two of those bad boys have dysmorphical cells, pre-cancerous appearances, and maby active carcinomas. So the surgeon will chat me up about a colectomy soon. OPlan to wait until after the move mid-NMay. Daughter and son-in-law have bought a nice Edmond house and have agreed to keep me around for a while longer.hIXXzAZ

the 29th

Viciously Sweet

It totally happened.

I turned 29. And it was good.

                                        29 and feeling strangely fine

I have never really feared aging… maybe because I feel happy about pretty much everyday.

And apparently everyone at work thought I turned 23… so super bonus?

I got treated very kindly by my new coworkers and friends and…. really just had a great time.


I usually use this post to reflect on the last 12 months and set a few new goals… which I will happily do if you continue to read on

Things I learned at 28:

♥ That I’m not all together that weird.  I was made to think that most people aren’t terribly creative or prone to fantasy over the years… and I have met a few people this year that…

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Not much has changed here in Oklahoma. Weather always changes so technically no change. The chance for some warm days when I’m off work and not sleeping has me stoked a little to try out my Christmas present now. The metal detector has been sittin’ in the ’94 Suburban for three months now. Look out treasure, here I come !

Welcome and greetings. Have not a clue what’s going to be on this page except stuff I thought I might save after posting or sharing it on Facehole, G+, or Yahoo. I’ll do my best not to forget the transition from just deleting pictures to blogging and then deleting. Anyway, howdy and see ya later.